Working together to clean up Castor Avenue

On Feb. 26, I was joined by my Chief of Staff Andrew, staffers from Councilwoman Cherelle Parker’s office, and nearly 100 volunteers from the World Church of God to help clean up Castor Avenue. 

Check out these stats of our progress from the day: 

  • 3,012 pounds of trash = 1.506 tons of trash
  • 81 bags of trash
  • 14 bags of recyclables
  • 95 bags total (plus a mattress, a tire, a suitcase and a bicycle)
  • 77 volunteers from the Church of God on Castor Avenue (5 more back at the church, watching children and preparing lunch)
  • 3 state leaders
  • 2 people who were passing by and just stopped and started to help
  • 82 total participants
  • 2.3 miles covered on each side of the streets
  • 4.6 linear miles covered
  • Everyone was out at least 3 hours (not including travel time)... 3 x 77 = 231 person-hours of cleaning
  • 231 hours = more than a week's worth of work by 1 sanitation employee or 1 day of work from 29 employees


A great effort by everyone involved. Thanks!