Rep. Hill-Evans: Medication synchronization bill would benefit all

HARRISBURG, Feb. 5 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, proudly voted this week for H.B. 195, a medication synchronization bill that unanimously passed the House.

This bill, which next heads to the Senate, would streamline pharmaceutical prescription refills for health insurance enrollees aiming to fill two or more medications.

“This is terrific legislation for all who need to refill multiple medications through a pharmacy or doctor,” Hill-Evans said. “Evidence clearly shows improved medication adherence when patients are able to get all their medications in one monthly visit instead of going back and forth several times to fill several prescriptions.

“We encourage the Senate to do as the House did and pass this legislation.”

Among the benefits:

  • Medication synchronization would allow patients to synchronize their medications in order to receive them on the same day each month instead of having to make multiple trips to the pharmacy.
  • The common-sense change would serve as a convenience to the patient, especially elderly or others who rely on transportation, and would reduce poor health care outcomes that result from medication adherence.
  • A Harvard Medical School study showed that when medications were not synchronized, patients’ adherence rates were 8.4 percent lower than those whose medications were synchronized.
  • The bill includes protection for the patient that would bar their insurance plan from denying coverage for scripts filled by medication synchronization on the basis that it is a partial fill. It also would provide prorated cost sharing.

Hill-Evans was sworn in Jan. 1 to begin her second term serving the 95th Legislative District.