McClinton: Housing grants announced to help individuals battling opioid use disorder

HARRISBURG, March 28 – Rep. Joanna E. McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, announced today that Philadelphia and Delaware counties have been selected to receive a portion of the $15 million in state funding that was awarded to create pilot programs for case management and housing support services for Pennsylvanians with an opioid use disorder.


The recipients are the Philadelphia Single County Authority and the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health. The pilot programs that will be established through the released grants will assist individuals as they become and remain engaged in evidence-based treatment programs and will provide individuals with support services such as pre-tenancy and tenancy education services to maintain stable housing. The recipients were chosen via a formula that considered both the rate of individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder and the rate of overdose-related deaths in a county.


“The opioid epidemic has been devastating for so many individuals in Pennsylvania, so I am glad to see more state resources being dedicated to this issue,” McClinton said. “This program will help establish much needed support services for people affected by substance use disorder.”


According to national data, about one in five people experiencing homelessness has a chronic substance use disorder.


The grants were awarded by the departments of Drug and Alcohol Programs and Human Services from the $55.9 million federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant secured for state addiction treatment, recovery, education and training programs.