Rabb sponsors resolution to censure disorderly members

HARRISBURG, April 2 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., today announced his resolution to amend the House rules to create a motion to censure.

“All members of the House are here to serve based on the trust that has been given to us by the public and our constituents,” Rabb said. “If a member decides to act without any sense of common decency, it should fall upon all of us in the chamber to demand that order is maintained and a certain level of respect is shown when we are doing business in the People’s House. Rather than waiting for a committee, I want to put the power back in our hands so that we may act swiftly to condemn the words or actions of a fellow member when they choose to dishonor this institution.”

Rabb’s resolution would create a motion to censure a member of the House that would require a two-thirds vote to be effective.

Currently, to censure a disorderly member, a resolution must be introduced and sent to committee, which can take time or even be used to block a resolution.

Rabb continued that although the motion should be taken very seriously, the power to censure should be exercised under the direct control of the House as a whole, not up to a committee.

“By requiring a two-thirds vote, we can ensure that the motion is not used aimlessly, and we can now provide for immediate action of the House to enforce its own rules,” Rabb said.

Rabb said he plans to push for passage of his resolution next week when the House returns to session.