Kirkland announces nearly $10 million in funding for stormwater improvements in Chester

CHESTER, July 17 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland announced today that the Stormwater Authority of the City of Chester has been awarded a nearly $10 million low-interest loan to improve stormwater systems, which will mitigate localized flooding and erosion, and improve water quality.

“This project will make improvements that will benefit public health and the quality of life for residents,” said Kirkland, D-Delaware.

The $9.98 million will cover the complete cost of the first phase of the project, which will consist of approximately 9,500 feet of pipe, 65 catch basins, 200 manholes and associated stormwater roadway restoration. Additionally, water quality devices will be installed to remove trash and sediment from the system, and to remove pollutants from the water.

The interest rate for the 20-year loan is 1 percent.

Rates for the 10,000 low-income households served by the system are not expected to increase.

The award was finalized today by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Authority, commonly known as Pennvest. To learn more,