Kenyatta applauds Community Legal Services and Disability Rights Pennsylvania for lawsuit to save General Assistance

PHILADELPHIA, July 22 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta on Monday applauded Community Legal Services of Philadelphia and Disability Rights Pennsylvania for filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the more than 11,000 people who are set to lose General Assistance funding when the program ends Aug. 1.

“Community Legal Services and Disability Rights Pennsylvania are speaking out on behalf of the most vulnerable among us in filing this lawsuit,” said Kenyatta, D-Phila. “Many of those who receive General Assistance are people who have a temporary or permanent disability that keeps them from work.

“I and many of my Democratic colleagues spoke out on behalf of these citizens when we urged our Republican colleagues to save General Assistance,” Kenyatta said. “We were not heard in Harrisburg, but hopefully this lawsuit will be heard and heeded, and General Assistance can be saved.”

In June, the General Assembly voted to end General Assistance, despite the pleas from many, including Kenyatta.

Earlier this month, Kenyatta and state Rep. Melissa Shusterman introduced legislation to create an Emergency Relief program, funding for which would come from the state’s General Fund, to provide relief to those who will lose General Assistance.

General Assistance provides about $200 of cash assistance to about 11,000 people across the state, including grandparents caring for their grandchildren, pregnant mothers and wounded veterans.