McClinton supports Gov. Wolf’s gun violence prevention executive order

HARRISBURG, Aug. 16 – State Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, commended Gov. Tom Wolf for his executive order today on gun violence prevention:

“It breaks my heart that mass shootings have become a daily occurrence in Southwest Philadelphia and across the nation. As a legislator, protecting vulnerable Pennsylvanians is my top priority, so I am glad to see Governor Wolf make this commitment to public safety,” McClinton said. “My goal is to ensure that our children, neighbors and police officers can walk the streets of Philadelphia without coming under fire.”

Wolf’s executive order will immediately implement a special committee on gun violence to discuss public health and community engagement strategies. The order will also establish the Office of Gun Violence Prevention within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, along with the Division of Violence Prevention within the Department of Health. The two offices will work together to tackle gun violence as a public safety and health concern. 

The order also calls for state police to increase monitoring of hate groups, white nationalists and other fringe organizations to combat mass shootings, while expanding the gun buyback program through the Pennsylvania State Police and municipal police departments. 

“Governor Wolf is taking a big step in fighting gun violence, but an executive order can only accomplish so much.  It’s vital that my colleagues in the House and our counterparts in the Senate work to pass common sense gun legislation. Over 80% of mass shootings in the United States are caused by guns that were purchased legally. We should be closing loopholes in the buying process and making it easier to spot potential bad actors before a sale is made,” McClinton added.