Hill-Evans announces $230K awarded to YMCA of York

HARRISBURG, Nov. 14 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, today announced that a $230,000 grant will be awarded to the YMCA of York to construct additional pavilions and install more play equipment and ADA access ramps.

“It’s always great to see these organizations that help so many being awarded additional funds with which to do good,” Hill-Evans said. “These improvements to our community will be felt by many. With more equipment to play on and additional safety measures, our kids will be able to use these facilities for years to come. With ADA access more available, more kids will feel like they can play and get involved.”

The development of the YMCA of York will include construction of a pavilion and parking area; installation of play equipment with required safety surfacing and fencing; and ADA access, landscaping, project signs and other related site improvements.  

DCNR’s Bureau of Recreation and Conservation assists local governments, recreation and conservation organizations with funding for projects related to conservation, parks and recreation, including conservation of open space, river conservation and access, and the planning, acquisition and development of public parks. More information can be found here.

For additional details, call Hill-Evans’ district office at (717) 848-9595.