PLBC statement on state police shooting of Monroe County teen

HARRISBURG, Nov. 19 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus today released a statement regarding the release of video of the Pennsylvania State Police shooting of Christian Hall.

The Monroe County teen had been diagnosed with depression and was threatening to take his own life on a highway overpass. Recent release of the full version of video of the incident shows Hall had his hands in the air at the time of the shooting.

Earlier this year the PLBC sent a letter to the Monroe County District Attorney’s office with a formal request to have the case forwarded to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office for a more objective investigation.

“The refusal of the Monroe County DA’s office to refer the case, coupled with the release of the video that authorities previously blurred, is troubling and presents a real conflict. These are the cases that sow public doubt and create tension between law enforcement and residents. A truly objective lens on this would help to mend the fractures that seem evident and even disturbing in this case, both for the family and the public at large.

"We unfortunately come back to cases like this again and again across the commonwealth and across the country. Instead of law enforcement recognizing the disconnect that exists with their handling of cases where race and mental illness are involved, they allow cases to be pushed through, then pushed aside at what seems like the benefit of officers involved.

“Everyone would like to get to the bottom of this case in an objective, fair and honest way. Setting precedent in these cases would go a long way in mending the fences surrounding racial and mental health injustice."