Harris supports Gov. Wolf, Krasner decision on not opposing release of Meek Mill

PHILADELPHIA, March 23 – State Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, released the following statement supporting Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to support Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and not oppose the release of Philadelphia rapper Robert Williams, better known as Meek Mill:

“I strongly support Governor Wolf for his support of District Attorney Larry Krasner’s position on not opposing the release of Meek Mill. However, I am also in support of freeing all the other 'Robert Williamses’ who are dealt an unfair hand from our criminal justice system. Williams is not a danger to himself, or society, and should be released.

“Cases like Williams’, and so many others like him, are the reason why I have been a strong advocate of reforming our criminal justice system. This is why I worked with Governor Wolf to pass Act 5 of 2016 and to ban the box on all state-level jobs. This is also why I am working with the legislature to pass a clean slate bill into law so others like Williams do not fall victim to a broken criminal justice system.”