Gainey and advocates rally for ‘Day of Action on Gun Control’

Groups gathered to push for commonsense gun laws

HARRISBURG, May 22 – State Rep. Ed Gainey, D-Allegheny, joined students, gun safety advocates and groups to raise awareness for sensible gun safety bills today at the Capitol.

“An overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians support universal background checks and the gun violence crisis that we’re facing is not going to go away without legislators being proactive about it,” Gainey said. “We must address the gun issue immediately.”

Gainey reiterated that he is not trying to take away anyone’s guns or infringe upon a person’s Second Amendment rights. Instead, he is urging for bipartisan support in passing commonsense gun laws in order to help save lives in schools, churches and in any other public spaces.

“Mass shootings have overwhelmingly increased nationwide and it is not OK for us to sit back and do nothing,” Gainey said. “Pennsylvania must take action against gun violence through advocacy, education and most importantly through legislation.”

Jacob Talton, Gainey’s father, shared his experience with gun violence while discussing the murder of Gainey’s sister and the effect it has had on her children. CeaseFirePA, One Pennsylvania, Mothers With a Voice, the Fathers Who Care Foundation and the Coalition for Fathering Families were also in attendance.

Earlier this year, Gainey introduced H.R. 837, which would direct the Joint State Government Commission to research gun violence as a public health crisis. The resolution was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Gainey, is also a member of the PA SAFE Caucus, a group of legislators who believe in reducing all types violence including lowering gun violence.