Health care has always been a topical subject, but with the current federal administration’s attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act more people are paying attention and looking into our health care system. The results are not good.

A recent study of 11 industrailized nations shows that the United States is paying twice as much for health care compared to the other 10 nations. Nearly all of them have some form of universal health care, guarenteeing a minimum of coverage to all citizens. 

Health care is a life and death situation and can't simply be viewed as a product you can either afford or not afford. It's time we hold Congress accountable and ask them to do the right thing by coming together in a bipartisan fashion to appoint a panel of health care experts to tear apart our system, see what's working and what isn't, and craft a new system that will provide stability and ensure Americans receive the coverage they deserve. 

For background on my views on health care, please read this editorial. Also don't forget to share the link to this page with your friends and family. Click here to contact more of Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation to keep the pressure on to do the right thing for the American public. 

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We must fix the health care system

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I’m writing to respectfully request your help to make sure every American citizen is guaranteed a realistic and essential-based health care plan. I’m asking that you work with your fellow members of Congress to refocus the national discussion on improving health care for all Americans. And I’m asking that you seriously consider the proposal and information stated in this request. To consider repealing the ACA without a Humane and Adequate replacement is irresponsible and demonstrates a total lack of compassion toward the people who placed their trust in you.

So I ask you, how is it possible that in the United States we are currently paying twice as much for health care as any other industrialized nation in the world? Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom all provide universal health care for all their citizens and pay far less than we do. To rightfully continue calling ourselves the greatest nation on earth – which I truly believe we are – we cannot ignore the fact that in America millions of people do not have health care and we’re paying double what other industrialized nations pay. Health care costs are obviously out of control and there are no safety valves to eliminate the double digit yearly increases. Until we have an honest, frank and factual discussion about pricing, profits and our moral obligation, there will be no responsible and long-lasting solution to our problem.

Furthermore, entirely absent from this discussion is the Moral Element. Health care is not like buying a television, car or cell phone. If a consumer wants the latest iPhone but can’t afford it, there are other options. Many times if a consumer can’t afford the recommended treatment a doctor prescribes, they suffer and die. Health care cannot be viewed in a vacuum along with normal consumer goods. Health care is about life and death, that is a fact.  

Doing nothing will only make things worse, and rushing into a quick fix will also prove fatal. Experts have indicated that one of the best ways to approach this problem is to freeze the cost of our health care system for one year, fully fund the exchanges to continue covering those that are presently in the system, and most importantly, establish a task force consisting of experts within every aspect of the health care industry. Their charge would be to come together and openly and honestly evaluate our health care system and determine what’s needed to fix the system. This process must be fully transparent and provide daily/weekly reports to the American people. This health care task force must achieve this goal in one year or less.

I would also request a serious discussion about a national health care model similar to the other industrialized nations. A system where every working adult pays into a pool, much like social security, and is then guaranteed coverage. The success and failure of any insurance program is predicated on developing a large enough pool of participants to sustain the costs of care. This system would undoubtedly reduce the cost and ensure coverage for all Americans because every working American will pay their share. Everyone in America should have a reasonable, practical and appropriate health care plan, plain and simple. If all the other industrialized nations in the world can do it, why can’t we?

Furthermore, American Citizens are required to have home owners insurance and car insurance to protect themselves and others from tragedy and financial ruin. Why is health insurance, a protection that directly addresses quality of life and death, any less or any different than the other protections provided by required insurance? It is guaranteed that throughout our lives, all of us will need health care at one point. That’s why it’s imperative that our elected officials seriously work together and be completely transparent and honest in order to solve this problem for the future.

To be clear, our current health care system, because of price gouging, is not affordable for the majority of Americans. It is totally unsustainable because there are no adequate pricing safety valves and millions of Americans don’t even have health insurance. Therefore, it is imperative to require “all hands on deck” in order to get this done. We must improve upon the system that we have in place today, and provide universal coverage like all other industrialized nations.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider my concerns and hope that as a nation, we can come together to find a better way to take care of all our American citizens. We cannot allow Party to prevent our success as a nation. This is about life and death; could there be anything else more important? Please make it happen.

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