Citing Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Pashinski calls for movement on domestic violence legislation

HARRISBURG, Oct. 27 – With two bills dealing with domestic violence sitting in the House Judiciary Committee, state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, cited Domestic Violence Awareness Month as the appropriate time to move the bills forward.

“I realize that the focus this month has been on completing our long overdue budget, but October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it’s important that we not only recognize the danger posed by domestic violence, but also act to further protect those who are victims of it,” Pashinski said.

Pashinski has two bills, H.B. 1337 and H.B. 1540, both aimed at giving more protection to those who are subject to domestic violence.

House Bill 1337 would create several safeguards in relation to protection from abuse orders. It would require that PFA orders be served within six hours of issuance by law enforcement officers, allow the court to order GPS monitoring of a defendant who has a PFA against them while giving the option to the plaintiff to receive alerts when the defendant is nearby, allow the court to order a defendant to undergo a domestic violence treatment evaluation and require the court to complete a risk assessment when considering bail for a defendant arrested for an alleged violation of a PFA order.

House Bill 1540 would give courts the ability to order a defendant in a domestic violence case to undergo a drug, alcohol or mental health evaluation and direct the defendant to comply with any recommendations resulting from that evaluation.

“Between 2006 and 2015, nearly 1,500 Pennsylvanians were killed in domestic violence-related incidents,” Pashinski said. “Any domestic violence incident is tragic and heartbreaking, but especially when the victim tries to get help through law enforcement or through a PFA and the perpetrator is still able to cause injury or even death. We need to do everything possible to stop this sickening abuse and help the victims stand up and reclaim the safety and security they deserve.”