Petrarca: Bill to protect veterans’ access to PACE, PACENET passes in House

HARRISBURG, May 15 – A bill to allow more veterans to participate in state prescription drug assistance programs unanimously passed in the House, state Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Westmoreland/Armstrong/Indiana, announced today.


Petrarca, who is a co-sponsor of H.B. 375, said the bill would remove the value of all state service- connected payments and federal veterans’ disability payments from being counted toward the income eligibility calculations for the PACE and PACENET prescription drug programs. State law currently requires that these payments be counted as income.


“I’m pleased we can move forward to protect our veterans’ access to these valuable programs,” Petrarca said. “They have served their country with grace and dignity, and a bonus or stipend that he or she receives should not disqualify them from PACE or PACENET.”


The income limits for PACE eligibility are $14,500 for a single person and $17,700 for a married couple. PACENET income limits are slightly higher. For a single person, total income can be between $14,500 and $23,500. For a married couple, combined total income can be between $17,700 and $31,500.


The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.