House votes to investigate AG Kane

HARRISBURG, Feb. 10 – State Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Westmoreland/Armstrong/Indiana, today supported a resolution that authorizes the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the conduct of Attorney General Kathleen Kane and to determine whether she should be subject to impeachment.

“I think many people share my concern about the conduct of the attorney general, especially in light of the suspension of her law license," said Petrarca, Democratic Judiciary Committee chairman. "Today's adoption of this resolution is the first step in a very deliberative process to determine if her actions merit impeachment."

The resolution directs the Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Courts to investigate Kane's conduct and make recommendations to the committee. The subcommittee will take testimony, review documents, and subpoena and interview witnesses during the course of its investigation.

"I sincerely hope that a thorough and unbiased investigation will take place with the goal of making a report in a timely manner," Petrarca said.

The resolution was adopted 170-12.

Adoption of H.R. 659 is just the first step in the impeachment process under the Pennsylvania Constitution. Depending on the subcommittee's findings, another House resolution would be needed to formally file one or more counts of impeachment, which then would have to be approved by the House. If adopted, the Senate would conduct the trial, and requires a two-thirds vote for conviction and removal.

The last impeachment occurred in 1994 when the House impeached Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Rolf Larsen, who was removed from the court after the Senate convicted him.