State Rep. Pielli announces $6 million to replace lead water pipes in West Chester

WEST CHESTER, Jan. 13 – State Rep. Chris Pielli, D-Chester, announced today $6 million in funding has been awarded to replace approximately 450 lead or galvanized water service lines with at least 18,000 feet of new water service line in Aqua Pennsylvania’s West Chester service area.

Pielli said replacing service lines made of materials prone to corrosion is necessary to prevent lead from seeping into residential drinking water. The new service lines will be comprised of safer modern materials. Aqua Pennsylvania, the water and wastewater utility that serves the region, will also use the funding to replace valves, meters, curb stops and shut offs.

“This is a proactive initiative to ensure the safety of West Chester’s water supply,” Pielli said. “I’m grateful that Pennvest exists to support these types of efforts across the commonwealth.”

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, commonly known as Pennvest, is financing the project through a low-cost loan of approximately $6 million. The interest rate for the first five years of the 20-year loan is 1.74%, and 2.18% after that.

Aqua plans to begin work on the project on March 18, with an anticipated completion date in March 2025. Aqua may also construct additional water mains, if deemed necessary during the service line replacement phase.

Pennvest funds sewer, stormwater, and drinking water improvement projects throughout the commonwealth via low-cost loans and grants. In addition to safeguarding the health of Pennsylvania residents, these projects improve the environment and provide opportunities for economic growth and employment.