Pielli’s AI content disclosure bill approved by Consumer Protection, Technology & Utilities Committee

HARRISBURG, April 1 State Rep. Chris Pielli, D-Chester, said he is proud to announce the approval of H.B. 1598 from the Consumer Protection, Technology & Utilities Committee by a 21-4 margin Wednesday.

House Bill 1598 would require a disclosure on content generated by artificial intelligence. This disclosure will give people who are reading, listening, or viewing this content the information they need to make informed decisions and not be misled, Pielli said.

“Artificial intelligence is becoming a more prevalent component of our everyday lives,” he said. “As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will be impossible to verify the author of material and content produced. Additionally, the questionable veracity of AI content has the potential to spread false information or images. This bill is simple. If it’s AI, it has to say it’s AI. Pennsylvanians have the right to know if the content they are consuming was created by a human or if AI was used to create it. I thank my colleagues for standing with me in providing transparency for all Pennsylvanians.”

The bill now heads to the full House for consideration.