Ravenstahl, Policy Committee discuss educational pathways and early college legislation

PITTSBURGH, March 2 – State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing today in Avalon on educational pathways and his legislation to extend early college programs to more high schools in Pennsylvania.

“With so many young Pennsylvanians struggling to afford college or getting stuck with huge college debts, we need to be looking at the different options that exist for people to acquire affordable educations and solid, family sustaining careers,” Ravenstahl said. “I want to make sure that all options are on the table, whether that’s continuing our investments in career and technical training or extending early college programs to more high schools. We need to work together to find a solution to our education affordability crisis.”

Testifiers at the hearing included Dr. Chris Caton, director of curriculum, Northgate School District; Dr. Quintin Bullock, president, Community College of Allegheny County; David Young, associate dean of academic affairs, Community College of Allegheny County; Eric Heasley, executive director, A.W. Beattie Career Center; and Jeff Nobers, executive director, Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania.

This hearing was one in a series being held across the state on House Democrats’ Plan4PA, a legislative and policy agenda focused on putting people first by growing good jobs, providing healthcare access, creating quality schools and providing training for jobs in a fair economy. More information about the plan is available at www.plan4pa.com. Hearing materials will be available at www.pahouse.com/policycommittee