Gun violence in Pennsylvania is a public health crisis. When far too many people are losing friends and family members to gun violence, we must do everything possible to protect the lives of Pennsylvanians. Unfortunately, Republicans in Harrisburg are failing to protect Pennsylvanians by undoing commonsense gun safety laws, making it legal for anyone in the state to openly carry firearms of any kind in public and lowering the age at which teens can legally carry guns.

This will dramatically increase gun violence across our state by making it more like the Wild West, with concealed guns carried on every street corner by anyone who chooses to do so, with or without a permit. At a time when we need Harrisburg to help our businesses and communities recover from COVID-19, Harrisburg Republicans are working on behalf of the gun lobby, not in support of safer communities in Pennsylvania.  You can voice your opposition by telling House Republicans that putting more guns on the street not what Pennsylvanians want.

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As a concerned Pennsylvanian, I urge you to oppose Senate Bill 565 and respect existing commonsense gun laws that keep our state safe.

Over the past twenty years, nearly 30,000 Pennsylvanians have died because of gun violence. Over the past ten years, gun murders have increased by 12% and the rate of those who died by suicide using a firearm increased by 20%. We need to be doing more to end this public health scourge and weakening gun laws won’t help.

Please respect our law enforcement agencies, including the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police, the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association who all refuse to support permitless open carry legislation.

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