Rabb announces $7,500 grant awarded to Philly Goat Project to introduce middle schoolers to livestock management, land stewardship

HARRISBURG, Jan. 6 – State Rep. Chris Rabb announced today that the Philly Goat Project has been awarded a $7,500 state grant to introduce middle schoolers to livestock management and land stewardship through experiential learning opportunities.

“Being able to give our youth new and different experiences to broaden their horizons is invaluable,” Rabb said. “This grant will allow for more of our youth – the young men and women who will be tomorrow’s leaders – to have new experiences that will enrich their culture, and it could launch their interest in a field that they wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. I’m excited to see what the Philly Goat Project does with this grant funding and the ways it will benefit the young people in our community.”

The $7,500 grant announced today is made possible through the Ag and Youth Grant Program, administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The program provides direct and matching grants to help fund eligible projects, programs and equipment purchases conducted or made by organizations composed mainly of youth and organized to promote development in agriculture, community leadership, vocational training and peer fellowship. The grant awarded to the Philly Goat Project is a direct grant.

The grant program’s aim is to address the looming 75,000 workforce deficit the industry is expected to face in the next decade. Programs eligible for the Ag and Youth Grant include those composed mainly of youth and organized to promote development in the areas of agriculture, leadership, vocational training and fellowship. Eligible uses for the grant funding include education or workforce development seminars or field trips, agricultural safety training programs and capital projects of equipment purchases.

To learn more about the Ag and Youth Grant Program, visit the program website at https://www.agriculture.pa.gov/Pages/Ag-and-Youth-Grant-Program.aspx.