SEPTA unveils historic panels for Allen Lane Station

PHILADELPHIA, June 22 – The office of state Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., attended the historic panel unveiling of the Allen Lane Station Saturday with SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards and leaders of First Episcopal District AME Church to showcase the design of forthcoming historical panels honoring the memory and accomplishments of Bishop Richard Allen.

SEPTA worked with leaders of Mother Bethel AME Church to design the 2-foot x 3-foot soon-to-be-installed decorative panels, which will tell the story of Allen’s contributions to racial justice in Philadelphia as a preacher and Civil Rights leader during the late 18th century. The SEPTA station will soon be renamed, The Richard Allen Lane Station on the Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail Line.

Allens Lane was previously named after William Allen, the 26th mayor of Philadelphia who was an enslaver and British loyalist.

Philadelphia City Council, at the behest of Rabb, passed a resolution to have the street renamed after Richard Allen instead of William Allen.

“We must closely examine popular narratives we’ve been so conditioned to embrace, especially versions of the past that marginalize the value of Black people and other communities of struggle,” Rabb said. “This is a step in the right direction toward achieving racial equity and inclusion.”