Rabb attends SEPTA renaming of station & unveiling of historic panels

Philadelphia, Oct. 6 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., joined SEPTA today for the unveiling of historic panels at the transit authority’s Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail Station and the renaming of the station in honor of Richard Allen.

“It’s wonderful to see this station renamed after someone of Richard Allen’s caliber. He was an abolitionist, educator, writer and founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church,” Rabb said. “These historic panels tell our stories and share our history, the city’s history, in the public space and allow all who ride SEPTA to learn and grow with each trip.”

Rabb, along with community stakeholders, worked tirelessly throughout the year to have the Allens Lane and Allens Lane Bridge, which were named for former mayor of Philadelphia William Allen, an enslaver and British loyalist, renamed after Richard Allen, an 18th century minister and civil rights leader.

The SEPTA regional rail station now holds a new name due to the community’s and Rabb’s efforts.

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