Rabb releases statement on DA Krasner Impeachment proceedings

HARRISBURG, Nov. 15 – The House Judiciary Committee decided by partisan vote Tuesday to move forward with H.R. 240, otherwise known as the resolution to impeach District Attorney of Philadelphia Larry Krasner for misbehavior in office.

State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., said the decision by Republicans in the PA House is the height of absurdity.

“This resolution is nothing more than partisan drivel, put forth in the dying days of a lame duck session. It is a political stunt with far-reaching potential consequences. Not only does it deprive Philadelphians of their agency as voters, but it sets a dangerous precedent where this constitutional body is removing local elected officials from office because of disagreements over how policy is enacted,” Rabb said. “I hope the irony of giving district attorneys broad discretion to operate and then getting upset when they use said discretion is not lost on everyone.”

A vote on the House floor on the resolution is likely to be held on Wednesday, as it is the last constitutionally mandated session day before the new term.