Rabb highlights cannabis legislation on 420 Day

HARRISBURG, April 20 – As a founding member of the PA Cannabis Caucus and a medical cannabis cardholder, Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., has been a strong proponent of legalizing adult-use cannabis and improving the current medical cannabis program and its impacts on the nearly 1 million Pennsylvanians who can legally use cannabis.

Rabb is using this 420 Day to highlight cannabis-related legislation he has authored, such as his removing DUI penalties for legal medicinal cannabis use and his employee protections for medical cannabis patients legislation.

Additional cannabis-related legislation Rabb has circulated includes:

“Cannabis has many medicinal benefits that our various academic clinical registrants continue to research,” Rabb said. “In fact, beyond its most popular psychotropic use, its value is broad and inclusive of hemp cultivation which does not contain THC, the main element related to getting high. Fully understanding the power of this plant is something our commonwealth should commit itself to while also informing and protecting medical cannabis users of potential legal and other risks they could be exposed to as drivers, employees, residential and commercial tenants, and firearms owners.”

In Rabb’s capacity as an active member of the PA Cannabis Caucus, he continues to collaborate with colleagues in the General Assembly on cannabis policy centered on social equity, worker rights, environmental sustainability, restorative agriculture, clean energy, public health, law enforcement and criminal legal reform.