My Statement on the Conflict in the Middle East

I grieve the loss of lives in Israel and Palestine. I condemn Hamas’s brutal attack on October 7th, which killed more than 1,300 Israelis — including at least 40 Arabs — and injured thousands more. I call for the release of the more than 200 civilian hostages taken back into Gaza and Palestinian political prisoners.

I also grieve the thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, including hundreds of children, who have been killed by Israeli bombs since then.

It is never acceptable to cause the deaths of civilians. All human life is sacred.

We need to find another way to resolve this crisis.

I stand in solidarity with my Jewish, Muslim and Arab siblings here and abroad who oppose the slaughter of civilians.

If we are ever to end this generations-long cycle of violence, let us do so in good faith by addressing the root causes of this conflict, and ensure that both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and security.

I join my colleagues in Congress who have called for immediate de-escalation, ceasefire, adherence to International Humanitarian Law and humanitarian aid to Palestine commensurate with the devastation wrought upon Gaza.

May our quest for enduring peace and justice prevail.