Rep.-elect Rabb takes stand against President-elect Trump's 'first 100 days' plan


PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 6 – State Rep.-elect Christopher Rabb, D-Phila., issued the following statement in support of a Washington, D.C. news conference held today by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), in response to the president-elect's anticipated agenda for his first 100 days in office: 


"I commend SiX's effort in standing up and taking a stand and speaking out against the president-elect's 'first 100-days' plan for our country. SiX has an economic vision for our country that would take us in the right direction by supporting the millions of working and middle class families who are the very fabric of society.


"Now, more than ever before, is the time for elected officials to counter the full-scale assault on silencing the call for social justice, investing in clean energy and bridging divides in the most vulnerable communities. Instead, we need to work together to protect and foster collaboration among the people we represent who are feeling disenfranchised, marginalized and anxious about the violence, intimidation, rhetoric and prospective policies spawned by the incoming president of the United States. 


"I echo the words of Senator Elizabeth Warren who said, ‘When we're loud enough and strong enough, person to person, city to city, state to state, then Washington won't be able to ignore the progressive voices in this country.’ 

"At the state level, I will use my voice to stand up for social justice, shared prosperity and public integrity, and I intend to be heard," said Rabb.