Let’s empower consumers by creating labeling standards, regulations for CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is everywhere these days.

We see it for sale in pharmacies, corner stores, grocery stores and online.

Since the legalization of hemp at the federal and state levels, there has been some confusion regarding CBD, which is hemp’s most popular extract.

With CBD’s popularity exploding due to its medicinal uses – treating conditions like epilepsy, chronic pain and anxiety – I believe that regulation of CBD is necessary. Although CBD has no psychoactive properties, there is currently no legal standard for what constitutes CBD, nor are there any labeling standards to inform consumers of exactly what they are purchasing.

People should be able to make informed decisions about the items they’re purchasing.

To address the issue, I will be introducing legislation that would legally define “hemp extract” to include CBD and direct the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to create labeling standards and other regulations to help inform and protect consumers who purchase or are considering purchasing products containing CBD.

This legislation would help to end the confusion and mistrust surrounding CBD and the products in which it is used.