Law enforcement background investigations and employment information law is now in operation. The public can provide feedback before final regulations are adopted.

Act 57, which required the development of a database to hold separation records of all law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania, is now operational with temporary regulations. 

You can read about all the Act 57 regulations here and see all its forms here.

There are five critical improvements that I believe can be recommended prior to the adoption of the final regulations. Those five critical improvements would prevent the legislature from having to amend or draft additional legislation. They are:

  1. That the prohibited offenses not just be those that are final and binding.
  2. That sedition be added as a prohibited offense.
  3. Requiring that the designee from the police authority completing the documents be required to report both qualitatively and quantitatively all disciplinary actions and the number of actions in each category.
  4. Granular detail be provided around the red flags respective to each infraction.
  5. The hiring report ought to require complete information (not just true and correct).

If you share my concerns that these critical improvements be made, you can send your feedback to the Policy and Legislative Affairs Office by emailing them at this address: