State program targets neighborhood development and assistance programs

Selected nonprofits and organizations to receive state financial assistance

Efforts to tackle food insecurity and address blighted areas in the Pittsburgh region are receiving a boost after several projects were recently selected to receive state financial backing in the form of tax credits.

The projects, which run a gamut from training and services for refugee communities and blight remediation to the rehabilitation of buildings that provide community services, include:

Pennsylvania Women Work - $120,000 to help provide employment training and services for refugees, immigrants and other low-income individuals living in and around the distressed neighborhood of Northview Heights;

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh Inc. - $110,000 to assist with the rehabilitation of the Victory Building’s heating and HVAC system, which includes a health care center and warming station for the homeless, along with the Latino Community Center;

The Sarah Heinz House Association - $96,000 to help expand out-of-school programs for youth from high-need areas to address opportunity gaps, digital divides and food insecurity;

The Northside Leadership Conference - $360,000 to help reduce blighted vacant land and structures, increase local business and job growth, preserve/re-use historic structures, stabilize/stimulate real estate markets, increase homeownership, add/renovate community amenities and improve quality of life;

Lawrenceville Corp. - $400,000 to address affordable housing availability, public park development, childhood education opportunities, public health, promotion of economic development and farmers' market growth, as well as to study and monitor regional air quality; and

3700 Butler Associates - $500,000 to assist with the redevelopment of a 30,000 square-foot building into an occupied commercial structure to promote economic development.