Lead Hazards Lurking

Program for Allegheny County residents provides FREE lead-paint testing and repairs

If your home was built before 1987, there’s a good probability of lead lurking — windows, windowsills, doors and porches are among the most hazardous sites.

While the Allegheny County Health Department, through mandated blood screening, is learning more about children being exposed to lead, many people are still unaware of precautions that should be taken in their homes before beginning any type of renovation. For example, peeling paint and dust are dangerous. However, old paint that isn’t peeling can be sealed and made safe.

Qualifying homeowners and renters in Allegheny County may seek assistance with FREE lead-paint testing throughout their homes, and repair to any lead hazards found up to $12,000 via the Allegheny Lead Safe Homes Program. Examples of work include repair and repainting of chipping and peeling lead-painted surfaces, window and door replacement, and enclosing exterior trim and components.

For more information about this program, call 412-227-5700.