Rozzi appointed to $1 billion trust dedicated to fighting Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic

READING, Nov. 3 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi was appointed to serve on the Pennsylvania Opioid Misuse and Addiction Abatement Trust, a trust devoted to fighting the opioid epidemic throughout Pennsylvania.

Appointed by Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Bryan Cutler, Rozzi will join the 12 other trustees to determine how Pennsylvania could equitably spend its $1 billion from the National Opioid Settlement. Funds come from three major pharmaceutical distributors (Cardinal, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen) and Johnson & Johnson, and are approved for measures that fight the opioid epidemic – such as funding prevention programs, recovery services and research on anti-addiction initiatives.

“Opioids have destroyed people’s lives and families, and they’ve taken way too many Pennsylvanians far too soon. This issue can be directly traced back to the pharmaceutical industry,” Rozzi said. “Although no amount of money will bring anyone’s loved ones back, we can ensure that less people fall into addiction. I’m honored to be a part of this important discussion and bring Berks County’s voice to this table. Accessible treatment truly does save lives.”

Trustees are tasked with confirming settlement funds are distributed for approved uses, providing feedback to local governments and ensuring transparency on spending. Seventy percent of the funds will be distributed to counties, 15% is appropriated by the General Assembly and 15% goes to counties pursuing opioid litigation.

“Settlement money will be spent differently county by county, empowering local governments to do what’s best for their community,” Rozzi said. “All of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties have been impacted by addiction, and I’m proud to say lawmakers are coming together to take a stand against it.”