Fiedler, Rozzi, and House Democrats rally with Teamsters members as UPS strike looms

PHILADELPHIA, July 20 -- State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler (D-Phila) welcomed House Democrats to the UPS facility in her district today to stand in solidarity with union members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 623. Local 623 represents UPS workers at the Oregon Avenue location and the workers at the Philadelphia Airport. The event was the second in a three-event series of labor rallies hosted by Pa House Democrats.

Fiedler, Rep. Mark Rozzi (D-Berks County), and House Democrats rallied at the Oregon Ave. facility today with Teamsters who are demanding a fair bargaining agreement by August 1. UPS has approximately 5,000 employees in the Philadelphia region, and over 340,000 nationwide.

“Let’s get one thing straight: UPS doesn’t work because of the CEOs or executives. It works because of the sweat and the muscle, the labor of the workers!” Fiedler said to a crowd of over 50 Teamsters members, allied union members, elected officials, and community members. “We see that UPS has agreed to return to the bargaining table, a reflection of the power of the workers.” Fiedler committed to supporting the Teamsters both through contract negotiations, and if a strike occurs. “House Democrats will stand with you today, tomorrow, and every day until a contract is reached. If August 1st comes with no contract settled, we will be right back out here with you!”

“UPS saw record profits in 2022. Meanwhile, their delivery drivers didn’t even have air conditioning in their trucks and part-time employees are denied full-time opportunities, leaving them out to dry when it comes to steady income and benefits,” Rozzi said. “Enough is enough. I’m a proud pro-union legislator, and I’m honored to stand beside Teamsters members in their fight for a fair and just contract.”

Richard Hooker, President of Teamsters 623, rallied Teamsters who joined the event before their shifts began. “Legislators and lawmakers across the Commonwealth stand with us. They’ve witnessed the importance of labor and how we keep America alive!” He continued “Without labor, everything stops. Today shows that UPS’ unethical behavior against working families will not be tolerated and that our members deserve and demand a fair contract.”

Fiedler and Rozzi were joined by many members of the House, including Reps. Lisa Borowski (D-Delaware County), Tim Brennan (D-Berks County), Danilo Burgos (D-Phila), Morgan Cephas, Chair of Philadelphia Delegation (D-Phila), Mary Jo Daley (D-Montgomery County), Jason Dawkins (D-Phila), Pat Gallagher (D-Phila), Roni Green (D-Phila), Joseph Hohenstein (D-Phila), Kristine Howard (D-Chester County), Tarik Khan (D-Phila), Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Phila), Rick Krajewski (D-Phila), Stephen Kinsey (D-Phila), Maureen Madden, Chair of Northeast Delegation (D-Monroe County), Jennifer O’Mara, Chair of Southeast Delegation (D-Delaware County), Darisha Parker (D-Phila), and Dan Williams (D-Chester Country).

The Philadelphia City Councilmember representing District 1 which includes the UPS facility, Mark Squilla, commended the workers who help keep his district running and urged UPS management to swiftly settle a contract.” The time is now for a contract that ensures fair wages and benefits!”

Also in attendance were allied unions including PFT, AFT 2026, SEIU Healthcare PA, TWU 234, IATSE, and SMART. Danny Bauder, President of Philadelphia AFL-CIO implored UPS management to settle a contract with workers who made record profits for UPS during the pandemic. “Now those workers who were once called essential are asking for their share of the pie, but the company is being incredibly disrespectful. UPS needs to pay up!”

If a strike does happen, it would be the largest single-employer strike in U.S. history and have devastating effects to the economy according to a CNN article.