Sainato: More than $320,000 in tax credits to address New Castle housing, blight issues

NEW CASTLE, Nov. 18 – Funding from $322,500 in tax credits will bolster efforts to mitigate blight and address a housing problem that has left many residents struggling with the cost of repairing aging homes, state Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, announced.

“With so many homes in our area built before World War II, repair costs needed to address essential code and safety issues can far surpass the resources available for hardworking families on a budget,” Sainato said. “As a related issue, homes abandoned by homeowners no longer able to maintain them is leading to increasing blight.

“These tax credits awarded under the Neighborhood Assistance Program are going to help address these issues by funding programs to demolish blighted properties, rehabilitate vacant lots
and assist homeowners with essential repairs. In addition to easing the burden on homeowners, improvements made possible by the funding will stimulate business investment back into our community that can be a major revitalizing force.”

Sainato said the following tax credits will go to these recipients and projects:   

  • $142,500 to DON Enterprise, Inc., to tackle blight through owner-occupied rehabilitation of more than 20 properties, demolition of blighted buildings and rehabilitation of vacant property.
  • $180,000 to 10 Thousand Friends of Pennsylvania for work to revitalize New Castle’s South Side, including demolition of blighted buildings, transfer of vacant lots to the land bank and performance of emergency home repairs, among other projects. 

The tax credits are part of a $26.5 million package funded through the Neighborhood Assistance Program to promote community participation and collaborations among nonprofits, businesses and residents, while producing outcomes that assist a distressed area or the low-income population in a neighborhood. The credits will support 197 community revitalization projects across the commonwealth.