Sainato: Grant of nearly $86,000 to fund preservation of historical site

NEW CASTLE, Nov. 20 – A grant of $85,650 will support preservation of an important part of Lawrence County history, state Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, announced today.

Sainato said the grant will fund the purchase of approximately 58 acres in Mahoning Township adjacent to Quaker Falls and will permit preservation of historic Quakertown homesteads and tanner sites.

“This area that was home to a 19th century Quaker settlement is an important connection to our past and our regional identity” Sainato said. “Preserving it allows us to maintain that connection and ensure that this part of our history won’t be lost to development.”

Sainato noted that the area, which will become part of the County Parks system and will be open to the public, includes homesites that were part of a thriving village settled around 1800. The area supported mills and other businesses and later became a farming community, but the settlement ceased to exist after residents left in the early 1900s to find jobs in the coal and steel industries.
The land borders the recently acquired Penn Power property, where plans for a public park and facilities are underway.

The grant is administered by DCNR through the Community Conservation Partnerships Program.

The program funds projects such as planning, acquisition and development of public parks and recreation areas, trails, river conservation and access, and conservation of open space. More information is available at