Sainato announces nearly $134,000 in fire, EMS grants

NEW CASTLE, Jan. 21 – State Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, announced that 10 fire and EMS companies in his district will be receiving $133,859 in state grants for training, equipment and other operating costs.  

“Our firefighters and emergency rescue workers are willing to lay down their lives for us, yet their companies must struggle daily simply to meet operating expenses,” Sainato said. “It’s a burden they should not have to shoulder. This grant funding will help ease that burden and ensure that our firefighters have the regular training, properly functioning equipment and other resources they need to do their lifesaving work.”

Sainato said these fire and EMS companies will receive the following amounts:

Bessemer Volunteer Fire Co. – $11,509
Hickory Township Volunteer Fire Co. – $12,057

Mahoning Township Volunteer Fire Dept
– $12,194

Neshannock Township Volunteer Fire Co.
– $13,974
New Castle Fire Dept. – $13,563
North Beaver Township Volunteer Fire Dept. – $12,467

Pulaski Township Volunteer Fire Co.
– $12,057
Pulaski Township Volunteer Fire Co. (EMS) – $9,192
Shenango Area Fire Dept. – $24,926
Union Township Volunteer Firemans Association – $11,920

The grants come from the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program, which is administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

The funding may be used for training and certification of members; purchase or repair of equipment and purchase of vehicle fuel; building construction, renovation and repair; debt reduction associated with eligible building or equipment projects; fire-prevention training and education materials for the general public and overtime costs associated with back-filling positions while firefighters attend training.

Sainato emphasized that recipients must complete and return the original signed copies of their grant agreements to the OSFC office by May 31 to have the grants processed. Recipients also must comply with PENNFIRS reporting requirements. Additional information, including the grant application, is available here.