Sainato: Grant for nearly $20,000 to enhance stormwater management

Money will fund green alley, educational workshops

NEW CASTLE, June 26 – A grant of $19,999 to the Lawrence County Conservation District will help the county better manage stormwater runoff by funding installation of a “green alley,” state Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, announced today.

Sainato said the grant from the state Department of Environmental Protection – which will fund both the project itself and workshops to educate residents about stormwater and green infrastructure – will address an ongoing issue affecting community health.

“Stormwater runoff can affect every corner of our community, including alleyways,” Sainato said. “Because they’re often made of non-permeable materials like concrete or asphalt, paved alleys can generate polluted runoff that seeps into surrounding areas.

“Converting these areas to ‘green alleys’ with the use of permeable materials transforms them into attractive spaces that absorb and filter stormwater runoff. The result is a cleaner, greener, safer environment for our residents.”

The grant is part of a package of $434,168 in Environmental Education Grants to 55 projects that will engage youths and adults in environmental justice, climate change, and/or water quality improvement, expanding their understanding of these issues in Pennsylvania and providing skills to take responsible action to protect their environment.