Sainato: Nearly $50,000 awarded to bolster Lawrence County probation services

NEW CASTLE, June 9 – Grant funding of $46,366 will enhance Lawrence County probation programs and services, state Rep. Chris Sainato announced today.

Sainato, D-Lawrence, said the grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will fund programs and resources that help the county steer offenders away from crime and toward more successful outcomes.

“What happens during probation can strongly influence whether an offender makes a successful transition to work and the community or returns to a pattern of repeat crimes,” Sainato said. “Today’s funding is going to support Lawrence County’s probation officers and other staff as they work to help guide offenders back on the path to productive lives with their families – and away from the kind of destructive behaviors that lead to recidivism.

“Taxpayers benefit from fewer incarcerations, and our community regains responsible wage earners who can contribute back to the economy.”

Sainato said that in addition to the direct grant to benefit probation services, the county will benefit from nearly $50,000 in grant funding to the Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center, which will use the funding to train therapists in Lawrence and several other counties on specialized treatment for child victims of sexual abuse.