Sappey introduces legislation to protect Pennsylvanians as they care for terminally ill family members

HARRISBURG, March 26 – Inspired by the personal story of a local constituent, Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, has introduced legislation that would protect Pennsylvanians as they care for a terminally ill family member.  

“Pennsylvania workers should never be forced to choose between their job and the care of a terminally ill family member. That is why I am introducing Family Medical Leave legislation that would provide employment protections as individuals lovingly care for their family,” Sappey said. “As legislators, we must stand with caregivers during such a challenging stage of supporting their loved one.”

This bill would provide up to six weeks of protected, unpaid leave for Pennsylvanians. Specifically, the protection would apply to caregivers of a grandparent, parent, sibling or grandchild with a certified terminal illness having no other suitable caregiver in their immediate family.

Sappey further noted this measure has the support of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. During the 2017-18 legislative session, this bill in its former iteration as S.B. 479, was approved unanimously by the Senate Labor and Industry Committee.