Sappey bill to fight red tape for municipalities unanimously passes House

HARRISBURG, June 18 – H.B. 1035, which seeks to streamline the bidding process for public projects, authored by state Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, unanimously passed the House today.

Currently, local municipalities and counties must continually request project proposals until they receive one for their projects. Sappey said that this creates an expensive and time-consuming process that costs taxpayers money, and when proposals are not received it can significantly delay public projects.

“Red tape frequently delays critical infrastructure needs,” Sappey said. “Any time wasted in the administrative process translates to wasted funds that could result in a number of failures to a public project, and that is why I proposed this piece of legislation.”

Sappey’s bill also would allow municipalities to assign a contract if they are not provided with a bid after circulating two consecutive requests for proposals.

“As a member of the House Local Government Committee and Pennsylvania Local Government Commission, I am committed to making our local government more effective and more efficient.”

H.B. 1035 now awaits consideration in the state Senate.