Pest Alert: Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive plant hopper that poses a threat to many Pennsylvania crops such as grapes and hops, as well as lumber. The spotted lanternfly threatens the heart of Pennsylvania's farming industry. It also can cause damage to home landscapes.

Here is a guide, developed by Penn State Extension, to identify and manage the spotted lanternfly on your property. 

Rep. Christina Sappey voted for and supported the PA Farm Bill, which included investments in combatting this invasive species. 

Since its arrival in Pennsylvania in 2014, the spotted lanternfly has spread to 14 counties, including Chester County. Residents are reminded to kill the bug and report it online here or call 1-888-4BADFLY. 

Most adult lanterfly will die during Pennsylvania winters, but the egg masses can surive the winter and hatch in April, May and June. Here's a video on how to remove spotted lanternfly egg masses and help decrease the spread of this bug.