Rep. Sappey supports PA Farm Bill package

The PA Farm Bill package, which I voted in favor of both in the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and on the House floor, is designed to support Pennsylvania farmers. This package includes new initiatives, re-booted initiatives, funding opportunities and resources to support and expand the agriculture industry. The following bills will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

  • House Bill 1516
    • PA Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account – sponsored by Rep. Martin Causer
      This bill will create the Pennsylvania Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account and specific authority for the Department of Agriculture allocate funding to facilitate a quick response to agricultural disasters, including utilizing animal or plant health officials to contain an outbreak or threat, such as Spotted Lanternfly or Avian Influenza; or providing an immediate response to a foodborne illness.
  • House Bill 1521
    • PA Preferred—Homegrown by Heroes – sponsored by Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski
      This bill will amend the existing PA Preferred agricultural commodities marketing program to bolster enrollment in the veteran farmer Homegrown by Heroes Program.
  • House Bill 1523
    • PA Agricultural Business Development Center – sponsored by Rep. Russ Diamond
      To assist with agricultural business development and succession planning, this legislation will establish the Pennsylvania Agricultural Business Development Center within the Department of Agriculture, to serve as a resource to help every farmer create a business plan, transition plan, or succession plan to ensure the best chance of success.
  • House Bill 1520
    • Butchering Operation Inspection Incentives – sponsored by Rep. Pam Snyder
      To incentivize access to meat processing inspections, this legislation will create a grant program to reimburse federal meat inspection costs for small or new processors and subsidize the first-time purchase of equipment needed for federal compliance.
  • House Bill 1517
    • Conservation Excellence Program – sponsored by Rep. David Zimmerman
      To help farmers implement agricultural best management practices on their farm, this legislation will provide the State Conservation Commission with the authority to prioritize projects and provide technical assistance and funding through a mix of grants, low-interest loans, and tax credits.
  • House Bill 1526
    • Agriculture Linked Investment Program – sponsored by Rep. Rich Irvin
      This legislation will revise and re-establish a low-interest loan program administered by the State Conservation Commission in conjunction with lending institutions for the implementation of agricultural and conservation best management practices.
  • House Bill 1518
    • Agriculture and Youth Development Grants – sponsored by Rep. Pam DeLissio
      This legislation will revise and re-establish the former (expired) Agriculture and Rural Youth Development Program into a new grant program to fund youth organizations that promote development in agriculture, community leadership, vocational training and peer fellowship.
  • House Bill 1514
    • Farm to School Grants – sponsored by Rep. Jonathan Hershey and Rep. Danilo Burgos
      Our legislation will revise and re-establish the existing Healthy Farms Healthy Schools program into the PA Farm-to-School Program, to provide grants for improving childhood nutrition while increasing exposure to agriculture for children in grades Pre-k through 5.
  • House Bill 1519
    • State-Level Specialty Crop Block Grants – sponsored by Rep. Chris Rabb
      To compliment the federal Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, our legislation will establish a state-level Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, to invest in and encourage farming of high-priority crops like hemp, hops, and hardwoods that are not eligible for the federal grants.