Sappey supports government reform bills

Government reforms such as legislative agenda equity, a fair redistricting process and commonsense gift bans are long overdue in Pennsylvania.  Fair Vote, a nonprofit focused on effective representative democracy, recently gave Pennsylvania a 0% grade on legislative fairness and the legislature’s ability to pass legislation overwhelmingly supported by Pennsylvanians.  The following are government reform bills I have signed on in support of.  

  • House Bill 23

    • Redistricting Reform: Redistricting Commission for Congressional Districts – sponsored by Rep. Thomas Murt and Rep. Steve Samuelson
      This legislation would establish an 11-member Independent Redistricting Commission to create congressional districts. It would also impose restrictions that prevent the commission from basing districts on political affiliation, race, or socioeconomic status. 

  • House Bill 22

    • Redistricting Reform Constitutional Amendment – sponsored by Rep. Thomas Murt and Rep. Steve Samuelson
      This bill serves as a companion to HB23. It establishes a constitutional amendment to permanently reform Pennsylvania’s redistricting process and would expand the Commission to the state legislature’s districts.

  • House Bill 385

    • No Budget? No Pay – sponsored by Rep. Melissa Shusterman
      To incentivize a timely budget, this legislation would withhold pay from the General Assembly, the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the cabinet secretaries if a budget is not passed by June 30, until it is completed.

  • House Bill 401

    • Establishing a Congressional Redistricting Commission – sponsored by Rep. Mary Jo Daley
      To combat gerrymandering, this bill would establish a 14-person independent redistricting commission that would meet following the census to redraw congressional districts in Pennsylvania. 

  • House Bill 402

    • Increasing Transparency in the Redistricting Process – sponsored by Rep. Mary Jo Daley
      This bill would amend the current redistricting process for federal and state offices to improve equity and transparency, including allowing citizen proposals and removing political favoritism.

  • House Bill 902

    • Terms of Members – sponsored by Rep. Wendi Thomas
      This legislation would increase the terms of state representatives to four years and state senators to six years while establishing a three-term limit. 

  • House Bill 904

    • Budget Impasse Legislation – sponsored by Rep. Wendi Thomas
      To ensure funding is available for necessary services, this bill would ensure that if a budget is not passed by June 30 of any year, 80% of the previous year’s budget would be maintained.

  • House Bill 795

    • Government for the People (Campaign Finance Reform) - sponsored by Rep. Frank Dermody
      This bill would set strict limits on campaign donations while increasing disclosure requirements. Additionally, it mandates that corporations must consult with shareholders before donating to a political campaign.

  • House Bill 1000

    • The Creation of the #MeToo in Pennsylvania General Assembly Act – sponsored by Rep. Leanne Krueger
      This bill would amend the Pennsylvania General Assembly Act to better protect employees of legislative agencies from harassment, provide for the investigation and resolution of claims, and create sexual harassment prevention training programs.

  • House Bill 1291

    • Enacting a Commonsense Gift Ban – sponsored by Rep. Tina Davis and Rep. Thomas Murt
      This bill would limit the gifts that public officials can receive, targeting the common practice of those seeking to influence policy bribing officials with transportation, hospitality, lodging, cash and gifts. It also creates more stringent regulations on financial disclosure documents for public officials. 

  • House Rules Reform: I am also co-sponsoring nine resolutions to reform House rules that would create a fairer legislative process. You can read more about the proposed changes here.