Sappey supports legislation to curb gun violence

It is important that we never become numb to gun violence. It is also important to support responsible gun owners and their rights. The legislation below includes common-sense reform which I believe will create a safer environment for all.

  • House Bill 673 
    • Background Checks for Firearms – sponsored by Rep. Perry Warren

To end the gun show loophole, this bill would ensure that background checks occur for any sale of firearms.

  • House Bill 1075 
    • Extreme Risk Protective Orders, Due Process for Gun Owners and Reducing Firearms Deaths by Temporarily Disarming People in Crisis – sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens

This bill would provide family members a process by which they could temporarily disarm a loved one who poses a threat to themselves or others while ensuring that the gun owner has access to a full court hearing and due process.

  • House Bill 1162 
    • Banning the sale or possession of Assault Weapons for individuals under 21 – sponsored by Rep. Peter Schweyer

This bill would raise the minimum age to buy an assault weapon, such as a semi-automatic rifle, to 21, in concordance with the age to carry a firearm or obtain a concealed carry license.

  • House Bill 1494
    • Background Checks for Ammunition Sales – sponsored by Rep. Brian Sims

This bill would ensure that those who are unable to purchase a firearm are also unable to purchase ammunition by requiring a background check through the Pennsylvania State Police. Law-abiding gun owners would be able to apply for a purchase authorization that would allow them to buy ammunition without the need for a background check each time.

  • House Bill 307
    • Ban High-Capacity, Semi-Automatic Rifle Sales – sponsored by Rep. Ed Gainey

This legislation would ban high-capacity, semi-automatic rifles while providing exemptions for current lawful ownership and members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserve, National Guard or law enforcement while performing and traveling to and from official duties.

  • House Bill 326
    • Terrorist Screening Database For Firearms Ownership – sponsored by Rep. Warren
      Prohibits anyone whose name appears on the FBI’s terrorist screening database from purchasing or possessing a firearm in Pennsylvania. 

I am also a cosponsor of the following forthcoming legislation:

  • Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle Training & Certification – sponsored by Rep. Melissa Shusterman
    This bill would establish a Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle Safety Certification Course that gun owners would need to successfully complete before obtaining a semi-automatic weapon. 
  • Raising the Age to Purchase a Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle to 21 – sponsored by Rep. Shusterman
    This bill would raise the minimum age to buy semi-automatic assault rifles to 21 while allowing those 18 or older to own guns that hold less than five rounds of ammunition, preserving their ability to hunt and shoot for sport.

In addition to the bills listed above, I intend to introduce legislation in the near future that will prohibit firearm accessories similar to those used in recent mass shootings.