Sappey supports quality education for all

Ensuring an enriching education and academic experience for our students remains a priority for me. I’m working in Harrisburg, through the initiatives listed below, to make sure our children have what they need to succeed including, safe drinking water, as well as access to full-day kindergarten and the appropriate counselors and aides.  

  • House Bill 641
    • Full-Day Kindergarten – sponsored by Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald and Rep. Stephen Kinsey

As a longtime supporter of early childhood education, I am co-sponsoring legislation that would require each district to provide students ages 3 to 5 a full-day kindergarten program with advising and support from the Department of Education.

  • House Bill 526
    • Full-time Cyber Education Programs Offered by School Districts – sponsored by Rep. Curtis Sonney

This bill responds to the increasing number of public schools that are developing their own free cyber education programs. If a student in a district with a public cyber education program elects to attend a cyber charter school, their family will be responsible for tuition. These changes would encourage students to enroll in their school’s cyber education program and reduce the burden of charter school costs on school districts.

  • House Bill 930
    • Lead Contamination in Drinking Water in School Buildings – sponsored by Rep. Karen Boback

To address consistent reports that reveal the elevated level of lead in drinking water across Pennsylvania schools, this bill would require all public and non-public schools to test all water outlets annually and ensure that this water is safe to consume.


Additionally, I am co-sponsoring legislation that would better provide our students with adequate mental health services. These bills ensure that school districts have the funding to fully staff guidance and counselling offices while also requiring various studies into the specific needs of each district and how to best allocate resources.

  • House Bill 1500
    • Increasing Access to School Counselors, Professionals, Social Workers and Nurses – sponsored by Rep. Dan Miller and Rep. Thomas Murt
  • House Bill 1525
    • Providing More Access to Mental Health Professionals in Schools – sponsored by Rep. Tarah Toohil
  • House Bill 1622
    • “Phillip’s Law” - Study on School Mental Health Professionals – sponsored by Rep. Wendi Thomas, Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Rep. Joanna McClinton

I am also supportive of educator evaluation reform that maintains quality education in Pennsylvania.

  • House Bill 1607 
    •  Educator Evaluation Reform – sponsored by Rep. Jesse Topper

This bill would amend the current evaluation process to focus more heavily on classroom observation, rather than student test scores, in evaluating teacher qualifications. Additionally, it would reduce the weight of building scores to ensure that teachers in high- and low-performing schools are not unfairly rated.