Sappey supports workers’ rights

While our economy has evolved in many ways, the work and passion of individuals remain the root of its success. The following pieces of legislation will provide for greater fairness and opportunities in the workplace while strengthening workers’ rights and our community overall.

  • House Bill 1435 
    • Family Medical Leave – sponsored by Rep. Christina Sappey

This bill, which I introduced, would ensure up to six weeks of unpaid family medical leave to care for loved ones like grandparents, parents, siblings or children who lack a suitable caregiver.

I am also co-sponsoring the following legislation to support working Pennsylvanians.

  • House Bill 849
    • Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act – sponsored by Rep. Kate Klunk and Rep. Morgan Cephas

This bill would ban the use of nondisclosure agreements related to sexual harassment as a requirement for employment. If, however, both parties agree to such an agreement, it could still be implemented.

  • House Bill 392 
    • Employment Fair Practices and Discrimination Notices – sponsored by Rep. Melissa Shusterman

To promote equality and safety in the workplace, this bill would require employers to update Employment Fair Practice notices so that both unacceptable conduct and employees’ rights are available.

  • House Bill 166 
    • Equal Pay Legislation – sponsored by Rep. Maria Donatucci

To combat a history of unequal pay for women, this bill would place penalties on employers that use discriminatory wage practices and establish an Equal Pay Commission to further investigate wage inequities.

  • House Bill 1619 
    • #TimesUp: Sexual Harassment by Public Officials – sponsored by Rep. Margo Davidson

To better protect victims of harassment, this bill would expand the duties of the State Ethics Commission to independently evaluate claims against public officials and public employees. This will increase public confidence that these investigations are thorough and transparent.

  • House Bill 1620
    • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace – sponsored by Rep. Margo Davidson

This bill will extend the amount of time a person has to file a discrimination complaint while guaranteeing the complainant the right to a trial by jury and the ability to collect punitive damages and attorney’s fees from the defendant.

This bill models the Fair Work Week program in Philadelphia by ensuring that workers in the retail, fast food and hospitality industries statewide are given clear workweek rules to clarify scheduling, and institutes “predictability pay,” so that workers are still compensated if their shift is cancelled or drastically changed.

  • House Bill 1215 
    • One Fair Wage – Increased Minimum Wage – sponsored by Rep. Patty Kim and Rep. Christopher Rabb

To ensure that workers are fairly compensated, this bill will raise the minimum wage for all workers to $12 per hour, with a gradual increase to $15 per hour, after which it will be tied to the consumer price index. Additionally, it will update enforcement procedures to match those in the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, along with making other necessary changes to protect employees from violations.

  • House Bill 1178
    • Strengthening Collective Bargaining – sponsored by Rep. Maureen Madden and Rep. Thomas Mehaffie

This bill will support the rights of public sector workers, including organizations for teachers, firefighters, police officers and government workers, to unionize and utilize collective bargaining.