Sappey supports legislation to curb scam calls, robocalls

While scam calls can be annoying and aggravating, they are of particular concern to vulnerable populations, such as seniors, in Pennsylvania. There are several actions I support currently being pursued at the state level. 

These bills include:

This resolution calls on the federal government to grant additional authority to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow it to stop unwanted robocalls and spoofing. It will educate the public on how to report illegal calls. The federal government holds authority to intervene on these matters that the Commonwealth does not possess. This language was adopted by the House unanimously on June 20, 2019.

This legislation, which I voted for, would eliminate the current requirement for people to re-register for the Do Not Call list every five years. The bill passed the House and Senate and awaits action by the governor.

This bill would remove re-registration requirements for the Do Not Call list, further restrict robocalls, such as during holidays, and clarify opt-out procedures that must be provided by telemarketers.

The bill would prohibit telemarketers from spoofing phone numbers so the call appears to originate from the same local area as the recipient while also providing restrictions on the times robocalls can occur.

In addition to these bills, the Attorney General’s Office manages the Do Not Call list in Pennsylvania as well as investigations into scam calls. You can confirm your registration or file a complaint with the Consumer Fraud Division here or by calling 1-888-777-3406.

At my recent Savvy Senior Seminar, the Attorney General’s Office also shared as a resource for assistance in eliminating robocalls and encouraged people to work with their service provider to reduce unwanted calls.