Sappey supports legislation to improve workplace environment, protect victims of sexual harrasment

Employees should not have to live in fear of becoming a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace or not know where to turn if they have been harassed in the workplace. I’ve co-sponsored legislation that would change how employers and the General Assembly deal with sexual harassment. These bills include:

This bill would prohibit employers from requiring employees or prospective employees from signing a non-disclosure agreement related to sexual harassment as a condition of employment. Currently, there are no laws in Pennsylvania prohibiting employers from requiring nondisclosure agreements. The bill passed the House in June and has been referred to the Senate Labor and Industry Committee.

This bill would expand the duties of the State Ethics Commission, an independent state agency, to include investigating sexual harassment claims against officials and public employees at all levels of government in Pennsylvania. This bill would ensure victims of sexual harassment have the assurance that their complaints will be investigated by bipartisan, independent bodies rather than negotiated in secret. This bill has been referred to the House State Government Committee.