Schlossberg appointed to four House committees

HARRISBURG, Jan. 28 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, today announced he has been appointed to serve on several key House committees for the 2019-20 legislative session.

Schlossberg’s committee assignments include the Health, Human Services, Professional Licensure and Transportation committees.


“I am honored and excited to serve on these important committees and to have the ability to work on bills as they make their way through the committee process,” Schlossberg said. “The issues brought before these four committees are wide ranging, and influence different aspects of our lives. I look forward to diligently work with my constituents’ best interests in mind.”


Schlossberg highlighted his commitment to supporting efforts to improve mental health and dismantling stigmas that prevent people from pursuing the help they need, fighting for community schools so the quality of education any child receives is not dependent on their zip code and building a strong economy with jobs that pay fair wages as his legislative priorities for this session.


“My committee assignments will allow me to work directly with members of both parties to ensure we are pushing forward legislation that positively impacts Pennsylvania residents, not special interest groups,” he said. 


There are 24 standing committees in the state House of Representatives. The committee system allows legislators to assess and amend legislation and evaluate important issues before bringing bills to the full House for a vote.


Schlossberg's district office is located on the first floor at 2030 W. Tilghman St. in Allentown and can be reached at (610) 821-5577. More information on Schlossberg’s various resources and links to state programs are available at