Schlossberg responds to governor's budget address

Education funding a priority


HARRISBURG, Feb. 5 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, said he appreciates Gov. Tom Wolf’s continued leadership which focuses on investing in Pennsylvania’s citizens and communities.

A key focus, Schlossberg said, is in continuing to make education funding a priority in the 2019-2020 state budget.

Schlossberg said several years ago the General Assembly approved the state’s fair funding formula to help bridge the inequality gap between the poorest and richest school districts in Pennsylvania.

“The students in the 132nd District cannot afford to have the inequality continue in our public schools,” Schlossberg said. “Without more investments in basic education, the fair funding formula has no teeth.”

Schlossberg was also excited to hear Wolf’s commitment to making Pennsylvania’s workforce the best in the nation.

“Pennsylvania’s workers continue a strong and proud of history of building America,” Schlossberg said. “Our economic future depends on honoring their role in making Pennsylvania great and continuing to build a well-educated and highly-trained workforce.”

Schlossberg also agreed with Wolf’s call to increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.

“Workers in 20 other states saw increases in the minimum wage on Jan. 1, but not in Pennsylvania,” Schlossberg said. “We hear a lot of rhetoric about the dignity of work. Now we need to back up that rhetoric by ensuring full-time work doesn’t result in poverty-level wages.”

Another component of the state budget, Schlossberg said, is the bipartisan Restore PA plan that offers great opportunities in the 132nd Legislative District. 

“Too many people in Allentown don’t have access to affordable high speed internet,” Schlossberg said. “Saying that in 2019 is simply amazing! Likewise, Allentown has more than its fair share of brownfields which serve as an opportunity for economic growth and job creation while also cleaning up the environment. I look forward to working with my colleagues and Governor Wolf to invest in Pennsylvania’s future.”