Schlossberg responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

HARRISBURG, June 24 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg offered the following statement in response to today’s ruling regarding abortion by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States is disappointing and frightening. It obliterates the constitutional protection for a woman to make decisions regarding her health. It sets the foundation to make contraception illegal and even opens the door to erode marriage equality. Make no mistake: the American constitutional promise of medical privacy is under attack in this country. This is not the end game. This is a starting point. And it’s why I condemn this ruling in the strongest possible terms.

“Also make no mistake: in Pennsylvania, these constitutional protections still exist. Abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania … for now. I fear we are a turning point after decades of attacks have not changed access to safe and legal abortion in Pennsylvania. As long as I am a state representative, I will continue to fight with every fiber of my being to ensure that reality continues. I will stand with the millions of Pennsylvanians who know decisions about abortion must NOT be made by politicians. I will stand with every woman who must make the difficult decision based on who she is and what she believes is in her best interests when it comes to her reproductive freedom. I will stand against every politician who seeks to impose their will on other people in the name of whatever cause prompts them to do so. 

“I will not pretend to know the pain of women who have legally lost a part of their bodily autonomy. But a lack of understanding does not result in a lack of empathy. My job – as an elected official and a person who cares deeply about others – is to fight for them. I will do just that.

“These are scary times. The attacks on women’s health care will continue. They are going to get uglier. Politicians are going to attack and demonize the American constitutional guarantee of freedom from intrusive government. But we aren’t going to back down. Not even close,” Schlossberg said.